Move Advocate Frequently Asked Questions

Now that the secret is out among Real Estate Associates about the Move Advocate and its benefits, we’d like to answer some common questions about the program.

1. Who qualifies for this program?

The Move Advocate will assist any referral from a Real Estate Office or Associate that is moving state-to-state and needs moving assistance or counsel.

2. What type of moves can the program assist with?

The Move Advocate assists with long distance, interstate (state-to-state), and international moves.

3. Free? How can the Move Advocate be free?

The Move Advocate generates revenue through referral fees paid by our moving partners for completed moves. This model ensures the best possible outcome for all parties involved: Our moving partners receive more business, your clients benefit from services they could not get on their own, and you add value to your services in the eyes of your clients. This program is proven to make moving less stressful and more competitively priced. With this model we have successfully moved thousands of families over the past 20 years, making their moves easier while saving them money.

4. Which moving companies are in the Move Advocate network?

The Move Advocate only partners with the nation’s leading van lines including Allied, Atlas, Bekins, Mayflower, North American, and United. Each van line agent is carefully selected based on location, hauling capabilities and level of service. This methodical selection process is one of the key components to a successful transition for your clients.

5. Once my client is enrolled, how will the process proceed?

6. How does the Move Advocate help agents close more business?

Real Estate Agents have successfully used the Move Advocate as a value added sales tool. Moving is a stressful part of buying or selling a home. The Move Advocate takes the stress out of the moving process for your client. Using our relocation industry leverage, we’re able to give your clients a better moving experience that is competitively priced. Offering your clients the assistance of a Move Advocate will impress your clients and solidify their feeling that you have their best interest at heart.

7. How do I get started?

Sign up. Again the service and personalized marketing assistance is offered to you at no cost. We consider ourselves your partner in the moving industry and hope to provide you information that will keep you informed and help you assist your clients.

We look forward to assisting your clients!  Contact us at 800-617-1918 or via email at

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